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Selection for Senior 5 Nations, 2023

Welsh Fencing are pleased to announce the following team selections for the Senior Five Nations event being held in Largs, Scotland, on 18th November, 2023.


Men's Epee
Will Sturgeon (Q)
Will Ferguson (Q)
Marc Burkhalter (D)
Sameer Sunder-Rajan (D)
NTR: Huw Richards
Men's Foil
Glen Ostacchini (Q)
Rhys Melia (Q)
Nicholas Williams (D)
Alexander James (D)
NTR: Thomas Prince
Men's Sabre
Dylan Galazka (Q)
Yoyo Zhao (Q)
Eiger Swinscow (D)
Tom Martin (D)
NTR: Felix Groves
Women's Epee
Amelie Russell (Q)
Emily Southern (Q)
Louise Sadler (D)
Jess Gundry (D)
NTR: Dana Fielding
Women's Foil
Rhiannon Craig (D)
Marion Thomas (D)
Thandile Nash (D)
Chloe Fielding (D)
NTR: Fatima Marwa Omar
Women's Sabre
Amy Westwell (Q)
Ava Davies (Q)
Georgia Howes (D)
Erin Corcoran (D)
NTR: Emma Waller


Q = Automatic Qualification – The top 2 fencers within the top 30 of British Fencing ranking lists have been selected, provided those rankings are within the top 25% of the fencers on the ranking list with more than 6 points

D = Discretionary

NTR = Non-Travelling Reserve

Selections were made in accordance with the policy that is published on the Welsh Fencing website. A process was followed whereby the ADP Cymru coaches submitted their recommendations to the board, who then made the final selections. This 2-stage process ensured that the decisions made were robust, objective, and consistent. An independent observer was not available for the selection meeting so the process and selections have been independently reviewed by Steve Kemp, British Fencing Pathways Director. He is satisfied that for each weapon the automatic qualification criteria were correctly applied, and the discretionary selections aligned with the criteria included in our selection policy and other well-accepted criteria.

Fencers have a right to appeal if they feel that automatic selection has not been properly applied. As stated in the Welsh Fencing Selection Policy, appeals will not be considered for discretionary places.

Next Steps

  • Invitations to all selected athletes will be sent via Teamo.  Please respond by the deadline of Monday 11th September.


  • This event is being held on one day – Saturday 18th November.
  • Fencers will need to travel on the Friday (17th) see additional details below.
  • A team manager and coach for each weapon will be supporting the team.

Accommodation – Friday 17th & Saturday 18th November

  • Welsh Fencing will arrange accommodation for all fencers and staff.
  • The majority of the squad and staff will be accommodated on site. Additional rooms will be booked nearby.


  • To minimise costs, we are looking into arranging minibus(es) to travel from S Wales to Largs leaving on Friday morning and returning on the Sunday. Some pick-ups and drop-offs will be arranged if required en-route.
  • For fencers for whom this is not feasible, own arrangements will have to be made.

Financial Contributions – Subject to confirmation of all costs

  • Welsh Fencing intend to support our athletes at this event by covering the cost of event fees, accommodation, dinner, staff costs and team kit.
  • Fencers will be expected to cover the cost of travel.
  • If further costs are incurred, these will be invoiced at the end of the event

The board extend their congratulations to all our fencers selected for this event and wish them every success.

If you have any questions relating to the above, please submit them to secretary@fencing.cymru

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